Major Milestones in Vulcan`s History

  1. 1971:Started as a private limited company in Mumbai to supply mud pumps and drilling accessories.
  2. 1972:Started manufacturing drill pipes on a sub-contract basis.
  3. 1984:First manufacturing unit set up in Mumbai.
  4. 1985:Shifted to Anand to set up a manufacturing facility that was supported by a determined engineering team. 
  5. 1993-1994:Processed first orders for rope shovel and dragline spares. 
  6. 1995:Commenced supply of Shovels spares for the world market.
  7. 1996-1998:Developed and supplied major and minor sub-assemblies i.e. swing gear boxes, propel and crowd gear boxes, and started manufacturing industrial gear boxes.
  8. 1997:First order received for a RO/VO gearbox for Steel Plant.
  9. 1997:Achieved ISO certification
  10. 2000:Commenced offering services for refurbishing of assemblies.
  11. 2000:Listed as an approved vender for Drill pipes with Ingersoll Rand now as Atlas Copco(Ingersoll Rand).
  12. 2003:Started our first major refurbishing jobs of a P&H 1900 shovel, completed in 2004. Eventually refurbished 08 jobs BE 195 Shovels, 02 for P&H 1900 and 05 for P&H2300XP.   
  13. 2004:Commenced supply of major fabricated components for Rope Shovels like Dipper Handle, Crawler Frame & Boom.
  14. 2004:First order received for dismantling, refurbishing, shifting, erection and commissioning of 10/60 dragline.
  15. 2004:Supplied Roller Press Gearbox PSZA 335 to Cement Plant.
  16. 2005:First order for Vertical Rolling Mill Gearbox BCV630 from a cement plant and then after added the same to our standard range of gearboxes.
  17. 2005:Order for Central Drive Gearbox for Cement Mill and repeat order of the same in 2007.
  18. 2007:Started up our Sunav factory, which eventually will house the entire Vulcan operations in Anand.
  19. 2008:Setup Vulcan South Africa in Johannasburg.
  20. 2008:Started supplying spares and gearboxes to OEM’s like Bucyrus, BEML, etc.
  21. 2008:Became an approved vender for Drill pipes with Sandvik
  22. 2009:Set up Vulcan USA in Chicago.
  23. 2010:Increased infrastructure with in-house Foundry for centrifugal castings.
  24. 2010:Started manufacturing buckets for draglines and shovels
  25. 2010:Signed a contract for 06 years for supply of critical gears for dragline with BHP Billiton, South Africa.
  26. 2010:Approved vendor for Optimum Coal.
  27. 2010:Executed order for Sandvik for manufacturing Stacker Reclaimer.
  28. 2010:Started manufacturing Friction Welded Drill Pipes.
  29. 2010:Installed India’s Largest CNC Gear Hobbing machine Liebherr LC6000.
  30. 2010:Refurbished 24 cubic meter W2000 Dragline.
  31. 2010:Started manufacturing Raise Bore Drill Pipes.
  32. 2010:Manufactured our first Blast Hole Drill Machine.
  33. 2016:We have received approval as an Inhouse R&D Unit from Govt. of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research Bhavan, New Delhi.