Shovel Parts

Pin Bush Couplings

Pin bush Coupling in Various sizes

Flexible Pin and Bush Coupling, standard series available in various sizes

Feature  Values  Unit
Torque Range 100 upto 1,350,000 Nm
Diameters 98 upto 1600 mm
Elements Available in 60 and 80 Shore hardness


- Flexible, safe coupling for all kind of torques; allows shifting of critical speeds
- Compact design, less weight and mass moments of inertia
- Easy - plug in assembly and maintenance


- Options out of cast iron or steel
- With hub design both sides
- Coupling with brake drum on one half

Special features

- Couplings made out of high-quality cast iron in our own foundry
- Optimized flexible elements out of buna N, resistant to many media
- Owing to the specific adaptation of the metal pins to the flexible elements no wear occurs during operation at permissible displacement

Fields of application

- The whole field of mechanical engineering, for connecting two rotating equipment
- As high-speed coupling on the motor side and as high-torque coupling on the output side