Leading industrial & manufacturing company, serving since 1971

VIECL Family

Vulcan is a family-owned company that is run with family values. I am proud to inform you that the third-generation members of the family have now joined Vulcan, ensuring the continuation of our core values.

Since our inception in 1971, what started out as a sourcing company, has become a leading manufacturer of mining machinery and gearing. The main driver for this transformation was our innovation. We started offering our customers creative and innovative solutions to their problems, and once they realized what we could deliver, we began to establish our reputation in the market.

Our unrelenting commitment towards our customers made us a leading brand in India, and because of the quality of our products, we have established a global footprint in the industry. We are not just an engineering company, because we go beyond by extending the engineering footprint in all our activities.

I am proud to have embarked on this enduring, yet exciting journey. Our customers depend on us for providing the best possible quality, and due to our location, we are able to use the economies of scale to supply this quality at a truly competitive rate.

Our success comes from focusing our understanding of our client’s needs and offering solutions that meet or exceed their problems. Without our customers, our company would not exist. They are our sole focus and our reason for being. We are driven by the passion to serve our clients with absolute honesty, integrity, commitment and professionalism.

If you are an existing customer or a vendor, we want to thank you for your support. If you are a potentially new, customer, or a vendor, we want to welcome you to the Vulcan family. We, as an organization, will work hard to ensure that we meet and exceed your requirements to ensure your satisfaction.