For us, safety is not a choice, it's a PRIORITY

At Vulcan we believe in taking every necessary step to ensure the safety of our team. Our goal is not just to reduce accidents in our factory, but also in our offices and in the field. We have a zero accident policy that shapes all of our decisions when it comes to the safety of our people.

To achieve our goal, we have created thorough processes as a part of our safety procedures and programs. We believe safety starts from the top, and we have an organizational focus that has helped us build a ‘safety first’ culture throughout our organization.

We continuously record, evaluate and improve our safety procedures through annual audits. Our open-door policy for all employees helps encourage the identification and solutions of any potential safety issues.


Vulcan complies with all applicable ISO and OHSAS regulatory standards. We have several policies in place to ensure the safety of our employees and customers as well as our effect on the environment.